Plastic Belt Conveyor
Cloth or Plastic? The Hidden Cost
Beware of the lower cost rubber coated cloth belt conveyors. That initial low purchase price has hidden costs, like: installation, wiring, power lock-outs or continual maintenance which can actually end up costing as much as the conveyor.
Safe Conveyors have no hidden costs. They are pre-assembled and ready for installation. (You don't even need electricians or technicians.) And, our removable power cord provides the required power lock-out.  
You get a safe conveyor, without the hidden cost.   
Plastic Belt Modular Conveyor
Operate Faster - Plastic belted conveyor is ideal for cooling molded parts!
Standard PVC belts are rated for only 180°F while our plastic conveyor belting can handle moving parts as hot as 300°F. And, unlike tensioned belting, plastic conveyor chain won't slip when heated.
Molded parts avoid deformation by being slowly cooled as they move from machines to bins. Convective cooling on the conveyor, instead of inside the mold, will allow for quicker cycle times and more production.      
Plastic Belt Modular Conveyor from Stock
Save Shipping Cost - Lightweight systems ship UPS!
Not everyone has a loading dock to receive trucked items. Our lightweight conveyor systems can be shipped boxed by regular door-to-door delivery by UPS. You could save hundred of dollars in freight charges.
We were able to get this 18" wide X 48" long modular conveyor with a pair of 26" - 37" adjustable stands inside one box that weighed only 60lbs. This is another advantage of lightweight conveyor systems.      
Turn Conveyor System
Modular Systems - Low cost automation solutions
A low cost conveyor system was easily configured and assembled using made-to-order individual sections. These conveyors provided the base platform for a system developed by an integrator for a large cosmetics company. Multi-turns and built in guide rails were used to navigate jars from start-to-finish.
This system was awarded to Safe Conveyor based on competitive quoting.  
90 Degree Turn Conveyor
Cost Less - Don't be cornered by a fixed turn system
Power turn systems can cost as much as $10,000, while we were able to give this customer two: 8' long X 24" wide modular conveyors that can turn 90 degrees either direction for less than $5,000.
Packages easily navigate the corner with our drop-in end-to-side transfer plate. This design allows you to make turns anywhere along the sides of the conveyor. Safe Conveyor can provide you with a "traffic-cop" system for multiple merges. Contact us today with your application.
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