Motor Controls (Safe Conveyor Systems Only)
Plastic Belt Conveyor E-Stop
E-Stop Option - Provide Added Operator Safety

Emergency Stop Switched are available for all Safe Conveyor Models. These highly visible "Push to activate" and "Pull to reset" mushroom headed E-Stops switched conform to EN418 for machine safety. Switches have yellow banded indicator to alert you from the front and sides when the switch has been actuated. Switches mount to the top of the motor control box or can be optionally remote mounted up to 8' from the motor. Switch housing is NEMA 4X and 13 rated polycarbonate.
E-Stop Installation Document:

Conveyor Sensor Control
Sensor with Timer Delay- Automatically Start or Stop

Photo electronic sensors can be provided with the conveyor to automatically start or stop the belt as products are detected. Use sensors to create systems that shut-off when items are delivered and then restart as they are removed. Built in timers in the sensor allow you to space objects apart as they are placed on the belt for easier processing along the line. Sensors wire direct to the motor without needing additional motor starters or control relays.  
Sensor Installation Instructions:

Modular Conveyor Sensor Control
Remote Stop Switch - Control where you need it 

Remote Stop Switches can be provided with the Safe Conveyor drive systems. These switches can be mounted to the conveyor "T" slots to remote start or stop the conveyor motor at points other than the motor control box. Use these switches to bypass sensor stops or simply provide more accessible control.

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