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Plastic Belt Conveyor End Stop
End Stop - Continue delivering with an adjustable end stop  
You can keep the conveyor running while holding products with our simple adjustable end stop. You can add end stops where ever you need them.They can be mounted anywhere along the length of the conveyor. Use multiple end stops to create "work zones" or delivery destinations.


90 Degree Turn Belt Conveyor
90 Degree Turn - Don't be cornered by a fixed turn system
Make turns from the end of one conveyor to the side of another Safe Conveyor with our turn accessories. Simple and safe transfer plate installs in place of the 1" high fixed guard rail to provide smooth seamless 90 degree turning.
Our easy to install guide block mounts directly to the existing 1" high guard rails at the corner juncture. The 2 1/2" diameter solid UHMW low friction block prevents corners or edges of items from "catching" on the guard rails.
For taller or heavier, items an optional ball bearing roller wheel can be installed on top of the guide block to reduce cornering forces encountered during turning.


Conveyor Guide Rail
Adjustable Guide Rail - Keep control of your product with adjustable guide rails 
Whether you need to Merge, Converge or simply Guide, Safe Conveyor Inc. offers exclusive simple and easy to adjust guide rails. This unique rodless streamlined design provides quick and accurate adjustments without obtrusive rods protruding from the conveyor. 
Optional guide walls are available to help contain a wider range of product heights.
Exclusive for Safe Conveyor Inc.
(Not available for other conveyor systems.)
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Multi-Level Plastic Belt Conveyor
Multi-level Supports - Do more in less space
Safe Conveyor offers double and triple level mounting supports for their standard conveyor widths. Use multiple levels of conveyors to deliver or take-away items while saving valuable floor space.
System getting too tall for operators? Use our low profile frames to reduce height.  
Plastic Belt Conveyor E-Stop
Motor Controls -  Provide Added Operator Safety 
Emergency Stop Switch, Sensor, Remote Stop Switches 

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