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Plastic Conveyor Belting
About our Plastic Conveyor Belting
Our conveyors cost less because we design and manufacture our own proprietary "Ball & Bar" Smooth Top plastic conveyor belting. This simpler and safer belting is comprised of multiple polymer links that are releasably joined to one another to act like a fuse in the event of an overloading jam. The modular conveyor belting simplifies construction and allows us to build any size belt with the same components. The plastic conveyor belt has a smooth surface that improves corner turning while reducing scuffing when sliding under items. Sold in standard widths from 6" - 24". Other sizes quoted per request.  Click here for more information and sizes
Safe Conveyor Variable Speed Drive
About our Conveyor Drive
Safe Conveyors are powered with 115-230 VAC or 24 VDC. This very simple and reliable direct drive system is combined with micro-horsepower motors and ultra-low drag belting. Our conveyors can carry up to 200 lbs while using less than 30 watts of power. Even though the motor is small, it can still power plastic belt conveyors up to 40 feet long. And, in the event of a jam, the motors have built-in overload protection to automatically shut-off.
Our smaller motor profile allows the conveyor to be installed in tight spaces or on tabletops without stands.
Multiple drives can be installed on the same section to create box separating systems or sensor controlled zones. Click here for more information and sizes 
Plastic Belt Modular Conveyor System
About our Modular Conveyor Sections
Safe Conveyor, Inc. modular plastic belt conveyor systems are constructed with heavy gage extruded aluminum frames with built-in 1" high removable guard rails that can be inter-connected to form continuous lines up to 40' long. The plastic belt conveyors use direct drive motors coupled to molded sprockets that are positively engaged with the underside of the belting. Cantenary sag under the drive eliminates belt slippage and tensioning mechanisms. Click here for more information
Adjustable Height Conveyor Stands
About our Height Adjustable Conveyor Stands
Safe Conveyor Inc. stands are constructed of heavy gage aluminum extrusions that attach with "T" slot hardware to the sides of the plastic belt conveyor sections. The base of the stand has adjustable leveling pads that can be free standing or bolted to the floor. Stands support static loads up to 200 lbs per conveyor section. Optional swivel locking casters for the stands are available.  Click here for more information and sizes


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